Doremar Ros

A Noble Hammerhead

Lvl 1 Stats
  • Str – 12
  • Dex – 12
  • Con – 12
  • Int – 14
  • Wis – 14
  • Cha – 14
  • Fort – 14
  • Ref – 17
  • Will – 14
  • Damage Threshold – 14
Weapons and Armor
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol – 3D8/2D8 stun
  • Hold-Out Blaster – 3D4
  • Stun Grenades x 2 – 4D6 stun
  • Armored Flight Suit
  • Wealth
  • Ithorese
  • Basic
  • Bothese
  • Dosh
  • Ryl
  • Rodese
  • Quarrenese
  • Linguist
  • weapon prof. (pistols)
  • weapon prof. (simple weap.)
  • armor prof. (light)
  • All Temperature cloak
  • fusion lantern
  • holorecorder
  • concealed holster
  • medpac x 4
  • ration pack x 9
  • syntherope
  • 4 spare power packs
  • 5 spare energy cells

Ros grew up on his homeworld, Ithor, training under High Priest Nadon in Tafanda Bay as an eventual successor to the representative in the senate.  Unfortunately with Nadon's decision to give imperials Ithorian ecological secrets, and eventual exile, Ros was removed from apprenticeship and forced to work in the biological sector cultivating carnivorous Vesuvague Hanging Trees.

Bitter by this slight, and nerves shattered from the ever present danger posed by the trees, Ros set off from his home planet to satiate his wanderlust.  Determined to find Nadon, Ros sought to help him redeem his prior actions and return to his home planet.  This plan quickly fell to pieces when he met up with his current companions.

Fearful of combat and still bound by his desire to follow the Law of Life, Ros chooses to use words as his weapon rather than blasters, though due to his inner turmoil he has been known to lash out violently at times.  It is those times when he is most us predictable and dangerous.

Doremar Ros

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