“By the way, we’re Jedi…anyone surprised?”

A small band of adventurers, brought together by luck, pure chance or perhaps something stronger than any of them, began their story at the Sel Zonn station. As the group has only a loose description of someone they’re supposed to locate, they decide to stop in at the nearest cantina and ask around. Clearly the denizens of this system don’t care much for non-humans and to say their welcome is rough would be an understatement. While enjoying their glasses of water (despite having ordered drinks) the group hears blaster fire from outside the cantina and just has time to look toward the door as a a woman (later identified as Maya) runs in and offers payment for her safety.

After a scuffle with a few locals and some naval officers (ending in their demise), Maya leads the group to another area of the station, slightly more tollerant of aliens. After a brief rest, Maya offers work for the group. Having nothing better to do, the group takes Maya’s offer and is instructed to acquire a slab of carbonite containing a living creature (more or less) from a droid named Switch. The team heads out to see Switch about this carbonite-encased creature.

Switch seems to run a moderately successful operation, seemingly selling information, odds and ends. As negotiations with Switch over the cost of the carbonite slab (Maya failed to mention anything about cost) are closing, the shop is suddenly filled with a generally unhappy bunch of what appear to be mercenaries/hired hands intent on getting something or other from Switch. As this doesn’t look like it will turn out well for Switch, and because the group still needs the location of the carbonite slab from him, Switch’s defense is the immediate priority. A relatively long firefight ensues, but when the blasters cool and the light sabers are put away (Holy crap! Jedi! shhhhh. the Empire will find out.), Switch decides to give the carbonite to the group free of charge.

As everyone who worked for Switch was killed during the firefight due to their disloyalty to Switch, the safest way to obtain the carbonite is to have the two humans in the group try to pick it up themselves. This can only turn out well. Upon arrival at the locker that’s supposed to have the carbonite, Malorn and Ely (the two humans) find it to be blown open and occupied by Stormtroopers. Unable to come up with a plausible reason for attempting to retrieve the contents of the locker, which is now in the hands of the empire, the two are detained. They’re able to activate their com-link and the remaining members of the group rush to their rescue.

Able to fool a few stormtroopers and with the cooperation of everyone in the group, the team manages to kill the escorting troopers as well as two others who happened to be in the area. Narrowly escaping on a turbolift and arriving perhaps in a worse spot than they left; with grenades exploding around them and blaster fire everywhere, the whole party notices the carbonite slab being moved toward a hangar entrance a few dozen meters in front of them. Ely disables the lift as the party begins blasting their way toward the carbonite slab. Using the com-link given to them by Maya, the group calls for their escape ship to meet them at the hangar they’re trying to clear of stormtroopers.

Managing barely to blast the immediate group of troopers and sustaining considerable damage, the group works their way through the hangar closing and disabling doors on their way toward the now-unattended carbonite slab. As they sift through a few close bodies and continue to move toward their exit, MORE stormtroopers enter the hangar through the remaining open door and through a hole they’ve blasted in a door already secured!

As some members of the party attend to the injured and drag them onto the ship which has finally arrived, the other members continue to disable doors and blast at the encroaching second wave of stormtroopers. Making a harrowing escape onto the open ramp of the ship, injuries need to be tended as those who are still conscious wonder if this is even the right ship. The good news is; they have at least acquired the carbonite slab Maya asked them to bring to Senator Bail Organa. The adventure continues…


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