Here’s our games FAQ – House rules and such will also be documented here…
We are playing Star Wars Saga Edition from WotC. For our adventures, I’ll be heavily using the official “Dawn of Defiance” adventure path, though as time goes on I’ll be trying to add my own elements to the game. The time setting for our campaign is soon after the final collapse of the Republic and rise of the Empire (not long after EpisodeIII). Characters will be 28 point buy (see page 18 in Core book). I’m allowing all races from the core book book except Ewok (as they are not yet “discovered”) and the Web Enhancement races Devaronian and Pau’an (you can get it form the WotC site, or I can e-mail you a copy). Starting credit will be max for your class, but any feats/talents/skills/abilities that offer more credits will be rolled. Non-Jedi force sensitive talent trees from the core book (like the Jensaarai Defender and Dathomiri Witch) will also be allowed (though no Sith PCs, see below). Work with me if you really, really want to play a droid, as I am not yet comfortable with them as a player character option.

I will allow character options (such as races, feats, talents, skills, equipment) form any official source that I own (like the books Starships of the Galaxy and Threats of the Galaxy) on a case-by-case basis.

From the campaign outline: “All equipment with a military or illegal rating is unavailable for purchase at character creation, with the following exceptions: heavy blaster pistol and hold-out blaster pistol. You must pay the additional license fee for any available equipment that has a restriction rating (see page 118 of the core rulebook). At 1st level, you need not make any skill checks to obtain an available item with a restriction rating; simply pay the additional license fee, and the item’s all yours. ” Vehicles follow the same rules.

Keep in mind this will be a “Heroic” campaign; i.e.., Dark Side points will be given out at a moderate level, and any character succumbing to the Dark Side becomes an NPC (but hey, your next PC could make it their goal to redeem your old PC). The official campaign rules stipulate that there is no way to decrease your Dark Side Points, but I’m going to allow the Core book rules in this matter. (Essentially, once per level you may use a Force Point along with 1d6 days to atone and reduce your DSP by one.)

Dark Side Powers

Any player with Use The Force may, at any time, call upon a Dark Side Force power (provided they have any other pre-reqs) without being trained in it. Doing so will incur 1d4 Dark Side Points, in addition to any points gained by the action. Additionally, if a Force point is used to enhance the Dark Side power, then the number rolled is also added.

For example, if a player uses Dark Rage, they get 1d4 DSP’s. If they use Force Lightning enhanced by a Force point to attack a helpless prisoner, they get 1d4 (for using the power) + 1d6 (for the Force point) + 1 DSP.

This house rule represents the lure of the Dark Side, along with the results. It is rumored that the Force Unleashed sourcebook will have similar rules, and, if so, I will likely scratch this in favor of the “official” rules.
Regarding XP

For each session, a base XP will be computed. Each character will also be granted a bonus for role-playing, helping out around the table, doing (or helping with) the post-session write-up, bribing me, etc. This bonus can be from 0 up to 20% of the base XP for the session, is non-negotiable, and nearly entirely arbitrary. Players who are unable to attend a session will still get 20% of the base XP, but will unlikely get any bonus XP (unless they take the bribery route). This should help a player who only misses a session or two from falling way too far behind.

If a players misses so many sessions that they still fall far behind the party average (defined as 2 or more levels behind the party average, as computed by level), they may opt to re-start the game as a “new player.” For that, see rules below.

For characters who die (or turn to the Dark Side) during the course of a session. XP will be computed up to the point of the characters demise. The player may then create a new character with 80% of the XP of their previous character. Starting credits will be based on previous characters total value of equipment, though will be somewhat arbitrary, especially in the instance that the previous character hand the Rich Uncle Pennybags talent/feat. Similarly, a player may voluntarily retire a character in favor of a brand new one. In this case, the new character can be created with 75% of the XP of the previous character.

New players will be allowed to create a character with the minimum XP needed to attain the level of the group average (as computed by XP, not level).

For purposes of the above computations, the “Group” or “Party” is considered all the currently active characters for players who are able to attend 50% or more of the sessions to date (I may change this percentage after 10 session).

Some info about contents on this Wiki: Most the artwork will come from either official WotC source, official LucasFilms, Wookieepedia, or the Star Wars Artists Guild. If I use art form another source I’ll try to attribute it, but lack of attribution should not be construed as a challenge to the original artists copyright. The only art made by me will be explicitly stated as such (and that is not likely to amount to much).


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