Dawn of Defiance

Second Session!

Our second session is coming up this Saturday, ya’ll know the place. For those who can’t show up, don’t worry, I’ll come up with something, but I will not NPC a PC. What follows is inspired by (and in some cases directly ripped off from) Xenocide on the WotC message boards. These are some news stories which come across the Holonet after our first session…
HGN ## Holonet Galactic News ## HGN
Conflict over Amendments to Military Creation Act

Sate Pestage, acting Chancellor of the Imperial Senate seeks Senate approval for an increase in funding for the Imperial military. Citing recent acts of terrorism and the growing strength of secessionist movements throughout the Empire, the Chancellor stated that the current size of the military is insufficient to secure peace: “Though the Separatists have been defeated, the galaxy is still in a state of flux. Surviving elements of the Separatist cause continue to plague the galaxy and the chaos of war has spawned an array of threats. Piracy is on the increase and is taxing our fleet resources and civil disorder in the occupied zones is straining the ability of the Imperial Army to maintain order. We also must deal with the problem of the missing Jedi. We can assume that they will not stop their attempts to murder our beloved Emperor and seize control of the lawfully constituted government. The Admiralty and our Generals have asked for increased funding and more recruits to maintain economic and political stability.”

It is suspected these amendments will pass with a healthy majority although there is an organized opposition party. One of the most outspoken is Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila who stated: “The Imperial military is already 50% larger than it was at the height of the Clone War. I ask you gentlebeings to consider that the money being put into the military build-up would better serve the citizens of the galaxy if put into repairing the damage to our worlds from the recent war.” Mon Mothma has also enraged many Senators by calling for the repeal of the punitive measures the Emperor imposed on Separatist planets and urging the Senate to meet with representatives of dissenting worlds to answer their grievances.

Murder On-Board Sel Zonn Station

Several Imperial Troopers, along with a couple Officers, were ruthlessly murdered on Sel Zonn Station today. Lieutenant Veers and his patrol were found dead near the storage lockers Blue Deck. The perpetrators are reported to have stolen valuable Imperial property, then continued their rampage of terror in the hanger deck before escaping aboard a pirate vessel. One trooper has said off the record that it was a band of alien Jedi who had used their filthy mind powers to convince everyone they were doctors. Imperial officials have stated that they are taking these claims seriously, and will hunt the vile Jedi until they are all brought to justice. Though there is no definitive description of the group, anyone with further information is asked to report immediately to the Empire.

Annual Bespin Sabaac Tournament A Go

Despite weeks of scandal surrounding its leading officials, Cloud City has announced that they will be going ahead with their annual tournament. Details on application and travel arrangements will be coming in our next issue.

Criminals Cleaned Up

Today Imperial Troopers cleaned up two of the worst criminal gangs on the Sel Zonn Station. After an exhaustive investigation, and many weeks of tracing the passage of unsavory packages through the station, Imperial officials were able to trace the Chevin criminal Ganga Lor, as well as rogue droid known as Switch, and their criminal organizations. Troopers were then dispatched to clean up the filth, and succeeded in destroying the menace aboard the station. Rumors that the droid escaped Imperial justice should not be believed.

Advertisement: General Genrecker’s Giant Guns

Come to General Genrecker’s Giant Guns for all your firepower needs. General Genrecker’s is the largest, highest quality franchise in the Brentaal system, with locations in every significant settlement throughout the system. Not only are we the best dealer around, but we are also the only gun dealer licensed by the Empire to operate on Brentaal IV. Stop by today and receive a free round of ammo with your purchase.



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