Dawn of Defiance

A Droid in the Cellar

With a face only a Neimodian could love.

And here it is. A collaboration between Greg (who also provided me the outline for Session 3) and myself. We had a small group this week, and were able to keep moving quickly. From where I sat, much fun was had by everyone. July 26th is the date for Session 5, look for XP updates before then…

Aboard the Banshee, Kalyn Donos took a call in private. It was Switch, and he had a business proposition. Word had reached the droid of a special prototype in the bowels of Nute Gunray’s ruined estate on Cato Neimoidia. The money offered wasn’t the best, but the Pau’an figured if she kept the group small enough, then the profit would be worth it.

Once back on the Resurgence, she considered her options. Alabama Worley was her first choice, as the mercenary had really proven himself, but Captain Verana had already given him orders for a different deployment. Next she approached Wikket (SW). The Wookie was very interested, as his previous research had turned up information that there may be a Hutt on Cato Neimoidia who may have further information on the Wookie’s family. He also indicated that Ely Blissex had recently arrived from Alderaan. The human was tight-lipped about what he had been up to, and even more tight lipped about where Melorn was, but was eager to get off the Resurgence, so Kalyn invited him as well. Knowing the Jedi had business on the planet as well, she approached her fellow Pau’an, but Oret Doha had other matters to attend to. The Zebrek Jedi, Osie Ynini, was available, however, so the team was set.

Captain O’Keefe volunteered to transport the team. As they were about to depart, Captain Verana approached them to inquire as to their destination. Though the team insisted they were merely looking for some R&R while on the surface, the Captain indicated they should expect a call from him for some work planetside before they return.

After being ushered to a small port town by Imperial (scum) craft, the team began the search for the location of the ruined estate where the droid was supposed to be. Discreet inquires as to the possible location of the wayward Jedi Twi’lek and her Dug companion were less successful, though the group did discover that if one were interested in a bounty hunter, then one should contact the local Hutt or a member of its court. The group decided to pursue Switch’s droid first. As the condition of the droid (as well as the type) was unknown and the trip to pick it up was greater than walking distance, the group decided to pick up 2 speeder bikes and a land speeder at a fairly nearby shop.

On their walk to pick up better surface transportation a group of “bandits,” identifying themselves as “The Vipers,” ambushed the team and demanded payment of 1000 credits per person for passage through what appeared to be an area under their loose control. Some attempts at negotiation failed but the Pau’an in the group was able to convince the bandits to allow passage. Her attempts to negotiate better prices for the speeder bikes had mixed results but the land speeder was purchased for slightly under retail cost.

With better transportation secured, the trip to the ruined estate was reasonably quick. After figuring out a way past the security field, thanks to the skills of Ely Blissex, and pushing past the obviously malfunctioned butler droid who answered the door, the team entered an immaculately kept hallway with 2 doors on each side and one door at the far end. Opening the first door somehow opened all 4 of the hallway doors revealing 4 battle droids per door, each door having droids distinctively marked with a color different from the droids in the other rooms: red, blue, green, and black.

The Wookie made very short order of the first two droids and the rest of the team polished off a few others before they realized that the droids marked in black were actually helping them. A small second wave of red battle droids headed in but all were either destroyed or blew up before becoming a real threat to the team. While Ely broke into the room on the end and found it was a place better left alone (blaster fire all over a smoke filled room), two droideka’s colored in blue rolled into the area. The droideka’s proved to be quite a challenge for the team due to their powerful shields. Due to the timely arrival of a damaged black droideka, as well as the quick thinking of Osie Ynini and his jedi abilities, the two droideka’s were slammed into each other, knocking their shields down just enough for the team to take advantage and ultimately destroy them.

Following into the room where the black droids had been and investigating most doors and hallways, the team were able to find a turbolift that led them to a room filled with banks of computers with a central system that was secured by floor to ceiling lasers. While making his way around the room unlocking various systems, Ely found one that told him where a droid matching the serial number of the one they were seeking could be found. Apparently this droid was important as it was kept in an adjoining room which could only be accessed via the central computer.

As Ely continued to work his way into the computers in the room, a small band of 4 mercenaries appeared in the turbolift. Conversation was non-existent and blaster fire erupted with the Wookie and a well placed grenade making short order of the attackers. Their Rodian leader was stunned and his life barely spared by Kalyn as he told her of his ship nearby, though he also indicated he was working for Black Sun. Luckily for the hostage, Osie was able to trick him into forgetting he’d seen a Jedi. Ely opened the final room where what appeared to be quite an impressive Neimoidian replicant droid stood.

The droid woke within seconds. Upon being informed that the group was there to ‘rescue’ it, it followed the group and they all made their exit to safety. They quickly arrived back to their speeders with the droid and their hostage in tow, then immediately set off toward the Rodian’s shuttle….



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