Dawn of Defiance

Deep-Space Rescue

A Damsel's Damsel in Distress

Hello again! Sorry it’s been so long, but Real-Life happens. The good news is I should have the next post or two up much sooner. I had intended our third session to be a test of the SWSE space combat rules, but, looking back, I don’t think the space combat lasted long enough. We did find out, however, that the rules work well. This side-trek (which was inspired by a post on the WotC forums) was intended to be half a game session, but ended up taking the entire session, which is fine, as fun was had by all. Not much in the way of hints here, but I have planted a couple seeds…

Shortly after the team arrived on the Resurgence, they were approached by Captain Verana for an urgent mission. Maya, the Alderaanian agent who had gotten them into this mess in the first place, has been contacted. Though she had escaped Sel Zonn Station, she believes she is being pursued by bounty hunters. Captain Verana has tasked the party with intercepting her transport and bringing her back to the Resurgence. To aid, he has provided three Snub fighters and the services of The Banshee. Captain Sirona Okeefe had been very depressed and driven to distraction ever since the group lost contact with Maya after leaving Sel Zonn Station, and was very happy to render assistance to the group.

Doremar Ros, Kalyn Donos, and Oret Doha rode on the Banshee with Captain O’Keefe and her droid Crash; while Blick Blag and Osie Ynini each piloted a Snub fighter, along with a mercenary named Alabama Worley (who was recommended to the group by Captain Verana at the behest of the recently rescued Admiral Varth). Wikket (SW) the Wookie stayed back on the Resurgence to research some information regarding his family. No one had yet heard from the two humans, Malorn and Ely.

The parties ships soon arrived at the co-ordinates provided, and found Maya’s transport was already being boarded by another craft. Two old Y-wings were flying picket, and quickly rushed to engage the party. The Force was with Osie as he took out one of the picket ships with a well-placed shot. Blick was not so lucky as the other Y-Wing took his fighter out in an exchange of fire. The group was able to make short work of the second Y-Wing and still pick up Blick.

The remaining ship presented a challenge as it was locked to the transport, and destroying it would surely destroy the transport. Spotting an open docking port on it, O’Keefe brought the Banshee in and docked, with Doremar, Kalyn, Blick, and Oret forming a boarding party. Knowing they’d be needed on board the enemy vessel, Osie and Alabama maneuvered their fighters in close to yet another docking port and ejected, flying into the airlock space, they immediately got to work trying to work the mechanism (which ended up taking much time).

The boarding party immediately ran into resistance. The group quickly realized they’d have to make their way towards the front of the ship, a path which led them to encounter several enemies. Finally, they made their way to the airlock joining to Maya’s transport, just in time to see Maya being led onto the vessel in binders. The most intensive fighting yet broke out, along with distant sounds of explosions and screeching metal.

In the heat of the battle, they were able to free Maya from her binders. She immediately indicated they should retreat, and do so expediently. With the sounds of explosions and protesting metal growing loader, the group needed no further excuses to follow her directions. The mercenary Alabama covered their retreat, taking the brunt of enemy fire, though others in the group were also hit before the group made it back to the Banshee (with Alabama barely making it).

Captain O’Keefe was barely able to disengage the Banshee before the other two transports finally exploded in a large fireball. The group discovered that the chain of events leading up to the explosion was started by the abandoned Snub fighters colliding with Maya’s transport, which provided enough of a distraction for her to engage the auto-destruct before she was taken prisoner. Captain O’Keefe and Maya were very happy to see each other once again. The group learned that they hadn’t seen each other since they were wed several weeks prior due to Maya needing to leave for her mission as soon as their ceremony was over.

The course was set for the Resurgence, and the Banshee jumped into hyperspace. A short time later, a call came into Kalyn…



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