Dawn of Defiance

Arrival at Felucia/Imperial Prison Facility

This Admiral better be worth it

Hello all! Hope you all had as much fun as I did in our second session (and didn’t get in as much trouble ;). This time around, the only summary I got was from Joey, which I spent some quality editorial time with. I’ve added a couple tid-bits of information which I was unable to (for whatever reason) during the session, so clue hunters may want to take note. Also, be sure to check out the epilogue. Until next time….

After their not so subtle escape from the station, the companions find themselves aboard the luxary transport The Banshee under the command of Captain Sirona Okeefe.  The companions that are still conscious patch themselves up in the medical bay and proceed to investigate their current situation.  The captain informs them that they are on their way to Alderaan to deliver their package to Bail Organa.  She also discloses her concern for the one responsible for getting the adventurers mixed up in the whole situation, Maya.  She has had no further communication from her friend since the comm message to signal the pick-up of the companions.

During their final descent toward the capital city of Alderaan, a couple of the adventurers overhear that the Banshee will be able to land after the Blue Diamond.  This peaks the interest of the Jedi, whose last instructions from their masters were to find a being marked by a “blue diamond,” and render any aid they can.  On arrival, the companions are greeted by an honor guard and assistant to the Senator.  The cargo they liberated is unloaded and the companions are told that Senator Organa wishes to meet wth them as soon as he is able.  One of the Jedi discovers from the assistant that the Blue Diamond is the personal ship of the Senator.

After this revelation the group is met briefly by the Senator himself.  Osie Ynini identifies himself as a Jedi to Senator Organa, who seems relieved to find out that a few more Jedi have survived the purge.  He schedules a meeting with the group for a few hours later and takes his leave.  The group splits up on various errands and return in time for their meeting with the Senator.

Bail Organa starts by thanking the group for their previous aid and informs them of a new situation they might be able to help him with.  Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth, a hero of the Clone Wars, and had been working as a spy for Organa’s network. The latest news from Organa’s agent is that Varth has been captured and is being held on the world of Felucia. Organa informs the party they will be compensated well if they are able to perform this task for him.  The group agree to help and are set off after resupplying, once again with Captain O’Keefe on the Banshee. Due to their condition, the humans Malorn Kreel and Ely Blissex had to stay behind on Alderaan.

Once the travelers are set down on Felucia, they quickly get their bearings and determined the general direction of the detention facility. They nest head out into the lush, tangled environment.  The Jedi are aware that the whole area is teeming with the force both light and dark.  As the group continues to move through the fungal undergrowth and giant mushroom trees, the Jedi sense a familiar presence and are suddenly greeted by Jedi Master Shaak-Ti.  The Padawan’s are overjoyed to see one of the surviving masters.  She shares with them what little she knows of other survivors of the purge, sadly informing them that their own masters were both captured and eliminated.

During this conversation, Blick Blag says something that catches Osie the wrong way. Osie responds by using the force to attempt to make Blick run in terror, but Shaak-Ti immediately reverses the act and chastises the young Jedi for his lack of control.  She then informs Jedi that she has need of their assistance in locating the daughter of Aayla Secura, a Jedi Knight who met her demise on Felucia at the time Order 66 was sent out. Shaak-Ti tasks the Padawans with finding Bok’oy Secura and persuading her to return to Felucia to continue her training. The only information she can offer is that the young Twi’lek women was last seen hunting bounties on Cato Neimoidia with a Dug.  Before she goes she also adivses the Jedi to continue to aid Organa in any way they can, and that the Senator’s missions take precedence over her own at this time.  

As the group continues they enter a grove of large mushrooms and immediately find themselves surrounded by a small party of Felucians.  Both groups neither advances nor retreats, but eyes the other with a mixture of curiosity and mistrust.  Osie tries to reach out with the Force to one, sending a message of friendship, but gets no response.  As both groups move cautiously into defensible positions, the Zabrak Jedi comes up with the idea of trying to scare off the apparent leader of the Felucians.  Unfortunately his powers are not strong enough to affect the native, who orders his party to attack.  

Everyone jumps to action with bolts and lightsabers flashing, eventually whittling the new enemy down to one remaining foe. As the party is about to finish the attack, a human runs into the clearing yelling for them to stop.  They find out that the Felucians mistook the group for Imperials who have been preying on them for quite some time now.  

The group travels with the human, Vazus Mandrake, and remaining Felucian back to their village where they request aid from the chieftan in finding the detention center and rescuing Admiral Varth.  The group agrees that they can help the Felucians in their struggle against the Imperials, and the chieftan provides them with a scout to lead them to a back entrance into the detention center.  Vazus gives them some explosives to blow the Imperial base, and some mounts to help them on their way.

On the way their way out of the village the group notices an Imperial scout trooper spying on them as he speeds away on his speederbike with the party in pursuit. The group eventually catches up to the trooper but not until he reaches a communications outpost of some sort where he is joined by several other stormtroopers.  The ensuing battle is quick with the group taking down the Imperials with relative ease, their only lose being one of the mounts.  

The scout joins them and leads them to the back entrance of the “research” facility.  They enter into an empty room through an unmaintained back entrance.  The party begins to search through the facility looking for the Admiral.  In the first room they encounter an Imperial scientist and a group of mutated Felucians.  The scientist survives the battle and is persuaded to tell the location of the missing Admiral.  

After securing the scientist, the group fights its way through the detention room, releasing the Admiral as well as 3 Felucians who were also being held captive—no doubt soon to be the victims of whatever horrible experiment mutated their fellow Felucians.  They then make their way to the communications room, where Kalyn Donos sets off the alarms in an attempt to sabotage the computers. Black sets the explosives, and the group tries to make their escape.

After finding their transports destroyed and their ground escape blocked by a group of Imperials backed by an AT-ST, the group decides to make their way to the roof to call in the Banshee for an air evac.  They make their way to the roof, encountering hostile forces on the second floor. The ensuing battle pits the party against another group of mutated Felucians as well as several well armed storm troopers.  The battle is tough, one of the Jedi falls unconscious after a powerful blow form one of the mutatns, and several other members of the party are injured. Victorious, they call in O’Keefe for the rescue as the detention center begins to explode around them….



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