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  • Session 1 – Prelude to Defiance – March 29, 2008
  • Session 2 – Arrival at Felucia/Imperial Prison Facility – April 27, 2008
  • Session 3 – Sidetrek: Deep-Space Rescue – May 17, 2008
  • Session 4 – Sidetrek: A Droid in the Cellar – June 21, 2008
  • Session 5TBD – July 26, 2008

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Please excuse the mess as I get things set up better
A Droid in the Cellar
With a face only a Neimodian could love.
And here it is. A collaboration between Greg (who also provided me the outline for Session 3) and myself. We had a small group this week, and were able to keep moving quickly. From where I sat, much fun was had by everyone. July 26th is the date for Session 5, look for XP updates before then…

Aboard the Banshee, Kalyn Donos took a call in private. It was Switch, and he had a business proposition. Word had reached the droid of a special prototype in the bowels of Nute Gunray’s ruined estate on Cato Neimoidia. The money offered wasn’t the best, but the Pau’an figured if she kept the group small enough, then the profit would be worth it.

Once back on the Resurgence, she considered her options. Alabama Worley was her first choice, as the mercenary had really proven himself, but Captain Verana had already given him orders for a different deployment. Next she approached Wikket (SW). The Wookie was very interested, as his previous research had turned up information that there may be a Hutt on Cato Neimoidia who may have further information on the Wookie’s family. He also indicated that Ely Blissex had recently arrived from Alderaan. The human was tight-lipped about what he had been up to, and even more tight lipped about where Melorn was, but was eager to get off the Resurgence, so Kalyn invited him as well. Knowing the Jedi had business on the planet as well, she approached her fellow Pau’an, but Oret Doha had other matters to attend to. The Zebrek Jedi, Osie Ynini, was available, however, so the team was set.

Captain O’Keefe volunteered to transport the team. As they were about to depart, Captain Verana approached them to inquire as to their destination. Though the team insisted they were merely looking for some R&R while on the surface, the Captain indicated they should expect a call from him for some work planetside before they return.

After being ushered to a small port town by Imperial (scum) craft, the team began the search for the location of the ruined estate where the droid was supposed to be. Discreet inquires as to the possible location of the wayward Jedi Twi’lek and her Dug companion were less successful, though the group did discover that if one were interested in a bounty hunter, then one should contact the local Hutt or a member of its court. The group decided to pursue Switch’s droid first. As the condition of the droid (as well as the type) was unknown and the trip to pick it up was greater than walking distance, the group decided to pick up 2 speeder bikes and a land speeder at a fairly nearby shop.

On their walk to pick up better surface transportation a group of “bandits,” identifying themselves as “The Vipers,” ambushed the team and demanded payment of 1000 credits per person for passage through what appeared to be an area under their loose control. Some attempts at negotiation failed but the Pau’an in the group was able to convince the bandits to allow passage. Her attempts to negotiate better prices for the speeder bikes had mixed results but the land speeder was purchased for slightly under retail cost.

With better transportation secured, the trip to the ruined estate was reasonably quick. After figuring out a way past the security field, thanks to the skills of Ely Blissex, and pushing past the obviously malfunctioned butler droid who answered the door, the team entered an immaculately kept hallway with 2 doors on each side and one door at the far end. Opening the first door somehow opened all 4 of the hallway doors revealing 4 battle droids per door, each door having droids distinctively marked with a color different from the droids in the other rooms: red, blue, green, and black.

The Wookie made very short order of the first two droids and the rest of the team polished off a few others before they realized that the droids marked in black were actually helping them. A small second wave of red battle droids headed in but all were either destroyed or blew up before becoming a real threat to the team. While Ely broke into the room on the end and found it was a place better left alone (blaster fire all over a smoke filled room), two droideka’s colored in blue rolled into the area. The droideka’s proved to be quite a challenge for the team due to their powerful shields. Due to the timely arrival of a damaged black droideka, as well as the quick thinking of Osie Ynini and his jedi abilities, the two droideka’s were slammed into each other, knocking their shields down just enough for the team to take advantage and ultimately destroy them.

Following into the room where the black droids had been and investigating most doors and hallways, the team were able to find a turbolift that led them to a room filled with banks of computers with a central system that was secured by floor to ceiling lasers. While making his way around the room unlocking various systems, Ely found one that told him where a droid matching the serial number of the one they were seeking could be found. Apparently this droid was important as it was kept in an adjoining room which could only be accessed via the central computer.

As Ely continued to work his way into the computers in the room, a small band of 4 mercenaries appeared in the turbolift. Conversation was non-existent and blaster fire erupted with the Wookie and a well placed grenade making short order of the attackers. Their Rodian leader was stunned and his life barely spared by Kalyn as he told her of his ship nearby, though he also indicated he was working for Black Sun. Luckily for the hostage, Osie was able to trick him into forgetting he’d seen a Jedi. Ely opened the final room where what appeared to be quite an impressive Neimoidian replicant droid stood.

The droid woke within seconds. Upon being informed that the group was there to ‘rescue’ it, it followed the group and they all made their exit to safety. They quickly arrived back to their speeders with the droid and their hostage in tow, then immediately set off toward the Rodian’s shuttle….

Deep-Space Rescue
A Damsel's Damsel in Distress
Hello again! Sorry it’s been so long, but Real-Life happens. The good news is I should have the next post or two up much sooner. I had intended our third session to be a test of the SWSE space combat rules, but, looking back, I don’t think the space combat lasted long enough. We did find out, however, that the rules work well. This side-trek (which was inspired by a post on the WotC forums) was intended to be half a game session, but ended up taking the entire session, which is fine, as fun was had by all. Not much in the way of hints here, but I have planted a couple seeds…

Shortly after the team arrived on the Resurgence, they were approached by Captain Verana for an urgent mission. Maya, the Alderaanian agent who had gotten them into this mess in the first place, has been contacted. Though she had escaped Sel Zonn Station, she believes she is being pursued by bounty hunters. Captain Verana has tasked the party with intercepting her transport and bringing her back to the Resurgence. To aid, he has provided three Snub fighters and the services of The Banshee. Captain Sirona Okeefe had been very depressed and driven to distraction ever since the group lost contact with Maya after leaving Sel Zonn Station, and was very happy to render assistance to the group.

Doremar Ros, Kalyn Donos, and Oret Doha rode on the Banshee with Captain O’Keefe and her droid Crash; while Blick Blag and Osie Ynini each piloted a Snub fighter, along with a mercenary named Alabama Worley (who was recommended to the group by Captain Verana at the behest of the recently rescued Admiral Varth). Wikket (SW) the Wookie stayed back on the Resurgence to research some information regarding his family. No one had yet heard from the two humans, Malorn and Ely.

The parties ships soon arrived at the co-ordinates provided, and found Maya’s transport was already being boarded by another craft. Two old Y-wings were flying picket, and quickly rushed to engage the party. The Force was with Osie as he took out one of the picket ships with a well-placed shot. Blick was not so lucky as the other Y-Wing took his fighter out in an exchange of fire. The group was able to make short work of the second Y-Wing and still pick up Blick.

The remaining ship presented a challenge as it was locked to the transport, and destroying it would surely destroy the transport. Spotting an open docking port on it, O’Keefe brought the Banshee in and docked, with Doremar, Kalyn, Blick, and Oret forming a boarding party. Knowing they’d be needed on board the enemy vessel, Osie and Alabama maneuvered their fighters in close to yet another docking port and ejected, flying into the airlock space, they immediately got to work trying to work the mechanism (which ended up taking much time).

The boarding party immediately ran into resistance. The group quickly realized they’d have to make their way towards the front of the ship, a path which led them to encounter several enemies. Finally, they made their way to the airlock joining to Maya’s transport, just in time to see Maya being led onto the vessel in binders. The most intensive fighting yet broke out, along with distant sounds of explosions and screeching metal.

In the heat of the battle, they were able to free Maya from her binders. She immediately indicated they should retreat, and do so expediently. With the sounds of explosions and protesting metal growing loader, the group needed no further excuses to follow her directions. The mercenary Alabama covered their retreat, taking the brunt of enemy fire, though others in the group were also hit before the group made it back to the Banshee (with Alabama barely making it).

Captain O’Keefe was barely able to disengage the Banshee before the other two transports finally exploded in a large fireball. The group discovered that the chain of events leading up to the explosion was started by the abandoned Snub fighters colliding with Maya’s transport, which provided enough of a distraction for her to engage the auto-destruct before she was taken prisoner. Captain O’Keefe and Maya were very happy to see each other once again. The group learned that they hadn’t seen each other since they were wed several weeks prior due to Maya needing to leave for her mission as soon as their ceremony was over.

The course was set for the Resurgence, and the Banshee jumped into hyperspace. A short time later, a call came into Kalyn…

Third Session!
Our third session is coming up this Saturday, and will kick things off with a stone throwing competition. For those who can’t show up, don’t worry, I’ll come up with something, but I will not NPC a PC. Once again, what follows is inspired by (and in some cases directly ripped off from) Xenocide on the WotC message boards. These are some news stories which come across the Holonet after our second session…
HGN ## Holonet Galactic News ## HGN
Terrorist Attack on Felucia

According to Imperial sources, a group of terrorists destroyed a medical station on the planet of Felucia. The research facility was dedicated to the study of Vaalan’s Disease, a childhood illness with a 50% fatality rate. Military sources report that the facility was also a vital element in Felucia’s communications network and it is suspected that the terrorists were using the disruption in the communications network to smuggle narcotics off the planet. One source spoke on condition of anonymity: “What we know suggests that there were at least 30 terrorists armed with military grade weaponry and artillery supported by an overgunned corvette or frigate. They destroyed the security contingent and the researchers and planted explosives to destroy the whole structure. Years of research has been lost. What baffles us is the cruelty of the attack. Autopsies indicate the attackers needlessly murdered young patients and unarmed researchers. They could have disrupted communications without destroying the installation as well. We are dealing with unbalanced individuals here. If any citizen has any knowledge regarding this incident or believe they know who is behind this we ask you to contact us immediately.” Authorities have no comment on whether they suspect a further attack.

Military Man Wanted For Treason

Admiral Gilder Varth has disappeared and is wanted for treason. Varth distinguished himself in battle during the Clone Wars, but has lately been acting unbalanced. He was allowed to keep his rank, out of respect for his service, but was not posted to a position of any importance. It is suspected he may be under the influence of dangerous radicals, and has been in contact with known outlaws. It is the duty of all Imperial citizens to contact their nearest authority with any information they may have.

_ Max Rebo band announces new singing tour_

The Max Rebo band is performing a travelling tour along the Corellian Run. Fans are excited and the Sy Snootles following is reaching a fever-pitch. The recent craze due to her latest song, “Lapti Nek” is still building momentum. Said one Corellian teenager, “She is so beautiful. I could stare at her for hours.” The boy is not alone as it is now believed that there are more holograms of Sy Snootles in boy’s bedrooms then there are of Twi’lek slave girls. Sy Snootles will also be releasing for the first time her own brand of skin, eye, and lip products to a generation of girls desperate to imitate her and her rise to success.

More Jedi Brought to Justice

The hunt for members of the outlaw group, continues. Several members with direct ties to former Separatists have recently been captured, charged, tried, and executed for their crimes. Also, caught were their conspirators, a dozen non-humans who were known terrorists. Tips continue to pour in across the Empire, and they are all taken seriously. With your help, we can rid galaxy of the evil disease which is the Jedi Order.

Advertisement: Join the Imperial Navy!

Want a job that combines great career training with the sense of serving your Emperor and his citizens? Participate in exciting fields like starship engineering, security, weapons control, fighter pilot, and someday perhaps even command. Recruits receive preferential status and promotion opportunities over conscripts. Talk to your local Imperial recruiter today.

Arrival at Felucia/Imperial Prison Facility
This Admiral better be worth it
Hello all! Hope you all had as much fun as I did in our second session (and didn’t get in as much trouble ;). This time around, the only summary I got was from Joey, which I spent some quality editorial time with. I’ve added a couple tid-bits of information which I was unable to (for whatever reason) during the session, so clue hunters may want to take note. Also, be sure to check out the epilogue. Until next time….

After their not so subtle escape from the station, the companions find themselves aboard the luxary transport The Banshee under the command of Captain Sirona Okeefe.  The companions that are still conscious patch themselves up in the medical bay and proceed to investigate their current situation.  The captain informs them that they are on their way to Alderaan to deliver their package to Bail Organa.  She also discloses her concern for the one responsible for getting the adventurers mixed up in the whole situation, Maya.  She has had no further communication from her friend since the comm message to signal the pick-up of the companions.

During their final descent toward the capital city of Alderaan, a couple of the adventurers overhear that the Banshee will be able to land after the Blue Diamond.  This peaks the interest of the Jedi, whose last instructions from their masters were to find a being marked by a “blue diamond,” and render any aid they can.  On arrival, the companions are greeted by an honor guard and assistant to the Senator.  The cargo they liberated is unloaded and the companions are told that Senator Organa wishes to meet wth them as soon as he is able.  One of the Jedi discovers from the assistant that the Blue Diamond is the personal ship of the Senator.

After this revelation the group is met briefly by the Senator himself.  Osie Ynini identifies himself as a Jedi to Senator Organa, who seems relieved to find out that a few more Jedi have survived the purge.  He schedules a meeting with the group for a few hours later and takes his leave.  The group splits up on various errands and return in time for their meeting with the Senator.

Bail Organa starts by thanking the group for their previous aid and informs them of a new situation they might be able to help him with.  Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth, a hero of the Clone Wars, and had been working as a spy for Organa’s network. The latest news from Organa’s agent is that Varth has been captured and is being held on the world of Felucia. Organa informs the party they will be compensated well if they are able to perform this task for him.  The group agree to help and are set off after resupplying, once again with Captain O’Keefe on the Banshee. Due to their condition, the humans Malorn Kreel and Ely Blissex had to stay behind on Alderaan.

Once the travelers are set down on Felucia, they quickly get their bearings and determined the general direction of the detention facility. They nest head out into the lush, tangled environment.  The Jedi are aware that the whole area is teeming with the force both light and dark.  As the group continues to move through the fungal undergrowth and giant mushroom trees, the Jedi sense a familiar presence and are suddenly greeted by Jedi Master Shaak-Ti.  The Padawan’s are overjoyed to see one of the surviving masters.  She shares with them what little she knows of other survivors of the purge, sadly informing them that their own masters were both captured and eliminated.

During this conversation, Blick Blag says something that catches Osie the wrong way. Osie responds by using the force to attempt to make Blick run in terror, but Shaak-Ti immediately reverses the act and chastises the young Jedi for his lack of control.  She then informs Jedi that she has need of their assistance in locating the daughter of Aayla Secura, a Jedi Knight who met her demise on Felucia at the time Order 66 was sent out. Shaak-Ti tasks the Padawans with finding Bok’oy Secura and persuading her to return to Felucia to continue her training. The only information she can offer is that the young Twi’lek women was last seen hunting bounties on Cato Neimoidia with a Dug.  Before she goes she also adivses the Jedi to continue to aid Organa in any way they can, and that the Senator’s missions take precedence over her own at this time.  

As the group continues they enter a grove of large mushrooms and immediately find themselves surrounded by a small party of Felucians.  Both groups neither advances nor retreats, but eyes the other with a mixture of curiosity and mistrust.  Osie tries to reach out with the Force to one, sending a message of friendship, but gets no response.  As both groups move cautiously into defensible positions, the Zabrak Jedi comes up with the idea of trying to scare off the apparent leader of the Felucians.  Unfortunately his powers are not strong enough to affect the native, who orders his party to attack.  

Everyone jumps to action with bolts and lightsabers flashing, eventually whittling the new enemy down to one remaining foe. As the party is about to finish the attack, a human runs into the clearing yelling for them to stop.  They find out that the Felucians mistook the group for Imperials who have been preying on them for quite some time now.  

The group travels with the human, Vazus Mandrake, and remaining Felucian back to their village where they request aid from the chieftan in finding the detention center and rescuing Admiral Varth.  The group agrees that they can help the Felucians in their struggle against the Imperials, and the chieftan provides them with a scout to lead them to a back entrance into the detention center.  Vazus gives them some explosives to blow the Imperial base, and some mounts to help them on their way.

On the way their way out of the village the group notices an Imperial scout trooper spying on them as he speeds away on his speederbike with the party in pursuit. The group eventually catches up to the trooper but not until he reaches a communications outpost of some sort where he is joined by several other stormtroopers.  The ensuing battle is quick with the group taking down the Imperials with relative ease, their only lose being one of the mounts.  

The scout joins them and leads them to the back entrance of the “research” facility.  They enter into an empty room through an unmaintained back entrance.  The party begins to search through the facility looking for the Admiral.  In the first room they encounter an Imperial scientist and a group of mutated Felucians.  The scientist survives the battle and is persuaded to tell the location of the missing Admiral.  

After securing the scientist, the group fights its way through the detention room, releasing the Admiral as well as 3 Felucians who were also being held captive—no doubt soon to be the victims of whatever horrible experiment mutated their fellow Felucians.  They then make their way to the communications room, where Kalyn Donos sets off the alarms in an attempt to sabotage the computers. Black sets the explosives, and the group tries to make their escape.

After finding their transports destroyed and their ground escape blocked by a group of Imperials backed by an AT-ST, the group decides to make their way to the roof to call in the Banshee for an air evac.  They make their way to the roof, encountering hostile forces on the second floor. The ensuing battle pits the party against another group of mutated Felucians as well as several well armed storm troopers.  The battle is tough, one of the Jedi falls unconscious after a powerful blow form one of the mutatns, and several other members of the party are injured. Victorious, they call in O’Keefe for the rescue as the detention center begins to explode around them….

Second Session!
Our second session is coming up this Saturday, ya’ll know the place. For those who can’t show up, don’t worry, I’ll come up with something, but I will not NPC a PC. What follows is inspired by (and in some cases directly ripped off from) Xenocide on the WotC message boards. These are some news stories which come across the Holonet after our first session…
HGN ## Holonet Galactic News ## HGN
Conflict over Amendments to Military Creation Act

Sate Pestage, acting Chancellor of the Imperial Senate seeks Senate approval for an increase in funding for the Imperial military. Citing recent acts of terrorism and the growing strength of secessionist movements throughout the Empire, the Chancellor stated that the current size of the military is insufficient to secure peace: “Though the Separatists have been defeated, the galaxy is still in a state of flux. Surviving elements of the Separatist cause continue to plague the galaxy and the chaos of war has spawned an array of threats. Piracy is on the increase and is taxing our fleet resources and civil disorder in the occupied zones is straining the ability of the Imperial Army to maintain order. We also must deal with the problem of the missing Jedi. We can assume that they will not stop their attempts to murder our beloved Emperor and seize control of the lawfully constituted government. The Admiralty and our Generals have asked for increased funding and more recruits to maintain economic and political stability.”

It is suspected these amendments will pass with a healthy majority although there is an organized opposition party. One of the most outspoken is Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila who stated: “The Imperial military is already 50% larger than it was at the height of the Clone War. I ask you gentlebeings to consider that the money being put into the military build-up would better serve the citizens of the galaxy if put into repairing the damage to our worlds from the recent war.” Mon Mothma has also enraged many Senators by calling for the repeal of the punitive measures the Emperor imposed on Separatist planets and urging the Senate to meet with representatives of dissenting worlds to answer their grievances.

Murder On-Board Sel Zonn Station

Several Imperial Troopers, along with a couple Officers, were ruthlessly murdered on Sel Zonn Station today. Lieutenant Veers and his patrol were found dead near the storage lockers Blue Deck. The perpetrators are reported to have stolen valuable Imperial property, then continued their rampage of terror in the hanger deck before escaping aboard a pirate vessel. One trooper has said off the record that it was a band of alien Jedi who had used their filthy mind powers to convince everyone they were doctors. Imperial officials have stated that they are taking these claims seriously, and will hunt the vile Jedi until they are all brought to justice. Though there is no definitive description of the group, anyone with further information is asked to report immediately to the Empire.

Annual Bespin Sabaac Tournament A Go

Despite weeks of scandal surrounding its leading officials, Cloud City has announced that they will be going ahead with their annual tournament. Details on application and travel arrangements will be coming in our next issue.

Criminals Cleaned Up

Today Imperial Troopers cleaned up two of the worst criminal gangs on the Sel Zonn Station. After an exhaustive investigation, and many weeks of tracing the passage of unsavory packages through the station, Imperial officials were able to trace the Chevin criminal Ganga Lor, as well as rogue droid known as Switch, and their criminal organizations. Troopers were then dispatched to clean up the filth, and succeeded in destroying the menace aboard the station. Rumors that the droid escaped Imperial justice should not be believed.

Advertisement: General Genrecker’s Giant Guns

Come to General Genrecker’s Giant Guns for all your firepower needs. General Genrecker’s is the largest, highest quality franchise in the Brentaal system, with locations in every significant settlement throughout the system. Not only are we the best dealer around, but we are also the only gun dealer licensed by the Empire to operate on Brentaal IV. Stop by today and receive a free round of ammo with your purchase.

Prelude to Defiance
A Minor History of the Birth of the Rebellion
Our winning post comes from Bart, congratulations. For posterity, Greg provided a nice write up as well, and John gave us an outline.

"So you inquire more about the Jedi and the Great War between Empire and Rebellion?  To satiate your thirst for knowledge on the subject I pass this history onto you, as this is a small portion of a larger story that must be told.  This is the first of many sound recorders entrusted to me by my father, one of the last remaining Jedi Chroniclers to live before the near extinction of his order.  I hope it may enlighten you as to the pathway our Galaxy has ventured down to reach this point."  

  The senate was in a state of unrest and Senator Palpatine had effectively taken control of our governing body through his political manipulation.  Many of the Jedi Knights had been slaughtered at the hands of the Senators men, and Bail Organa, one of the most vocal opponents of the Senator was in retreat.  Most of the padawan were been sent off by their masters to avoid the oncoming slaughter with a vague mission to find a link to a blue diamond.  Told to keep their identities hidden to avoid the rising Empire's soldiers and maintain anonymity, two of our young padawan had reportedly teamed with a group of six other companions to better their chances of success.

Wisely, the two padawan, a Zabrak and a Pau'an, elected to diversify their group so that they would be able to handle nearly any situation without too much alarm.  They enlisted the help of three nobles of Ithorian, Pau'an and Human descent, a Duros scout, a Scoundrel of a Human, and a lethal Wookie soldier.  Together these eight landed on the remote space station Sel Zonn high above Brentaal looking to avoid confrontation.

Unfortunately, the party was greeted with cold shoulders and even colder glances.  The station was largely populated by humans, and the presence of so many aliens together was alarming to the upper crust.  Thinking quickly to avoid too much scorn, the scoundrel, known as Malorn Kreel, accessed the computer system, and found a nearby cantina for the group to duck into for refuge.  Inside the cantina, the group ordered food, only receiving water to the dismay of several of the hungry travelers.  No matter, the time for eating was short-lived as they heard shots fired outside and suddenly a female dashed into the bar, quickly followed by three imperial naval officers.  Startled by the noise, the Ithorian, Doremar Ros, jumped under the table while the others stared in suspect of the woman until she muttered a word of needing help and offering money to several of the companions.  The companions jumped to the aid of the woman and began dealing with the imperials.  While strategically ducking for cover under the table, several fighters caught glimpse of three humans at a table across the bar that looked less startled and more interested in their weapons than most of the other customers.  During battle, the imperials and their allies injured Oret Doha, our Pau'an Padawan, and specifically targeted Malorn for his defection and sympathies toward these aliens, and eventually rendered him unconscious.  During the altercation, the Zabrak Padawan, cloud of mystery still surrounding him, instinctively used his control of the force to bring a weapon within his range of grasp.  Unfortunately, several of his companions took note, and suspicions began to rise about this formerly 'unarmed' traveler…  Would this lack of trust unravel them?

Immediately following the demise of the imperials and the human mercenaries, the group heard the ale swinger behind the bar calling for more help on his comm, so deciding it best to take flight from the place, the group gathered their injured and sought refuge in the mysterious woman's quarters.  There it was revealed that her name was Maya and she was a security officer close to Senator Bail Organa.  She was in the station on a mission to recover a slab of carbonite containing very important prisoner.  She refused medical attention from the group and instead pleaded that they recover the cargo for her and get it safely to a ship waiting in orbit since her presence was known, making it impossible for her to recover it.  A droid named Switch in section V14 of the space station that was under construction at the time. and off limits to anyone outside of imperial personnel purportedly held the cargo they sought, and needed to return to Maya and her ship The Banshee.  Ever quick with the computer, Malorn accessed the terminal again and while searching for a black market determined the off-limits sector was a thinly veiled ruse to keep law-abiding humans out of this restricted area.  The group decided to split up to reach the destination as they were likely being sought for questioning about the recent scuffle, and several smaller groups of aliens would be far less suspect than their large group.

Arriving in the forbidden section of the space station, the companions regrouped and searched for Switch, quickly finding his storage facility.  The group traveled to meet with him, and discuss recovery of the item in question.  After some negotiation, Switch insisted on a price that the allies were unwilling to pay at first.  Fortunately, it was revealed that Doremar and his Pau'an Noble friend, Kalyn Donos, were rather wealthy indeed.  Splitting the cost between the two of them was a small drop in the bucket and threatening Wookie shouts from Wikket (SW) and abnormally wider-eyed glares from the Duros scout, Blick Blag, convinced the two to part with their money.  Just as quickly as they agreed to Switch's price though, the group heard shots fired yet again outside and in walked a large group of armed men with their leader demanding a share of profits from the droid.  The group, not wanting to lose their chance to recover the cargo determined their best choice was to maintain the safety of Switch for their own needs.  Frag grenades thrown and burst shots fired, many of the intruders had fallen when suddenly and with conviction, the boss bellowed out.  With one simple phrase, Switch's men indeed 'switched' their alignment, as the highest bidder had spoken!  Handling the situation in stride the unlikely band of fighters made short work of the boss and his turncoats and focused their attention on convincing Switch to part with the information they needed.

Without his numerous guards, his negotiating advantage was negated and Switch offered the location and the entry codes for the cargo willingly.  Unfortunately, Switch put the cargo in the most unlikely place the imperials might look: right under their noses in a storage locker on a heavily guarded sector of the base!  Knowing that the alien members of the group could not easily stroll into a heavily guarded higher-class section of the spaceport, Malorn and the noble human, Ely Bissex, utilized some of the fine fabrics Switch had stored and dressed themselves appropriately to enter the locker area and extract this vital cargo.

While Ely and Malorn traveled to the higher decks, the others waited eagerly for word through comm link that the humans had secured what they needed.  Arriving at the locker, the two humans discovered that it had been blasted open and the contents removed.  Imperial troopers questioned the humans, and while Malorn may have had success in card games prior to this, it was proved that his verbal deceptions were no match for the keen instruments used to measure biorhythms in the prototype helmet atop the head of the stormtrooper who confronted him.  (In truth when Malorn bluffed he had an expression that I once heard described as being 'hidden as well as lightsabers extending from the ears.')  The officers began taking the humans in question to lockup and while in transit, Ely covertly flipped on the comm unit hoping that his compatriots might hear the exchange between the troopers and the pair.  Thinking quickly, Malorn put his body's physical acting skills to the test where his facial bluffing skills failed.  He faked a seizure.  For ten minutes.

Hearing of the faux medical condition the six others made haste toward the upper region of the base to run interference with the soldiers taking this scoundrel to the medical bay.  Arriving just prior to the medical droids called by the Troopers, the group successfully convinced everyone that they were indeed 'doctors.'  Yes, all of them.  Yes, even the Wookie.  (As we learned later, the empire deployed most of the mentally challenged or mutated Storm Troopers to the fringe planets and stations.)  After moving out of the center of the floor and getting to a more secluded location the heroes made their move.  They quickly and as quietly as possible dispatched the escorting officers and two more standing guard down the hallway from them, and then jumped into a turbolift and took it down.

The group found their destination to be most fortunate upon exiting the elevator.  Directly in front of them, piloted by a trooper was their cargo on a sled.  Never mind that the room was guarded by storm troopers, the group bravely exited the lift and promptly began their assault!  Alarms sounding and trooped alerted, several tunnels leading into the main room would certainly lead to a capture if the group did not act fast!  The group signaled Maya to bring the ship through the comm she had given them and Malorn promptly closed and locked the corridor door closest to the lift, while others made their way toward the cargo systematically taking down stoomtroopers.  This was a battle of attrition as several members of the party fell unconscious during the fight, and in stunning fashion, our brethren had to unsheathe their lightsabers to help deter the enemy forces.  Suspicions of the Jedi among them were confirmed and the group felled the last immediate threat as a ship landed on the dock with cargo door open.  They loaded the fallen near the cargo onto it and drove them to the ship, while dragging others unconscious to the ship.

Their exit made just in time, they could only hope this was the right ship.  In their haste, the fighters neglected to check for markings designating this as the Banshee.  You ask what of the two outed Jedi, and the injured, and the prisoner still in carbonite?  Well, that is a story best told in due time…

…Transmission End…

First Session!
We’ve had our first session! The challenge is out to the players to provide me a summary for the adventure log, the winner will get 300 bonus XP, all other submitters will get 50 bonus XP. Submissions are due Friday, April 4th, and will post soon..

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